What We Believe

Salvation is by the grace of God through our faith in Him. 

God has given us clear markers for us to gauge where we are in our spiritual maturity. 

At Restore Church we refer to these as Abiding, Thriving, and Living. 



Personally growing in a relationship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. This shapes your new identity into who Jesus says you are. 

(John 15:1-17)


Establish rhythms in your life to daily commune with Jesus through His Word that renew your heart, mind, and actions.


Through the Holy Spirit to go from your old self to who God created you to be in Him



To do life together as followers of Jesus looks like sharing life's struggles & celebrations, building each other up through the encouragement & admonishment of God's Word, and never separating grace & truth. 

(Acts 2:41:47; James 5:19-20; Proverbs 27:17)


 Prioritizing regular fellowship with consistent, growing believers in your life. 

Regularly meeting together as a missional community, gathering to worship, partaking in communion, and witnessing baptism provide a few ways in which believers may share in life's celebrations and struggles.


To go from simply showing up to growing alongside other believers.



Living with purpose where you live, work, and play; bringing redemption through Jesus to the lives, relationships and communities of those around you.

(Matthew 28:18)


 To work individually and alongside God's people in your areas of influence to advance God's Kingdom by  imaging Christ through stepping across dividing lines, serving the community, and sharing the Gospel.


 To go from simply believing the Gospel to allowing the Gospel to overflow from your life to the lives of others. 

As Restore Church we join a long history of Christians by believing...

Our Beliefs

In the One True God

There is one true God, who is triune in nature, existing eternally as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the source of truth and the purpose behind all that exists around us. 

In the Human Condition 

Every man, woman, and child is created in the image of God. Meaning that every person who has ever lived is created as God’s most precious creation and is deserving of love and respect with no exceptions. In Adam, all of mankind has been separated from God, inheriting a sinful nature that compels us to rebel against our creator. We choose to chase after our own desires instead of living in the holiness of God. Due to our rebellion we are unable to free ourselves from the bondage of sin and are condemned to an eternal punishment without any defense to stand on.  

In the Father (Salvation Established)

Outside of the construct of time, God the Father has planned and orchestrated all things together for The Glory of the God and the good of His creation. The Climax of His plan being the Salvation of man, which brings man back into relationship with Him.   

In the Son (Salvation Accomplished) 

Eternally existing along with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus Christ took on the fullness of man in the incarnation, coming to earth as a man. Jesus lived a life here on earth without sin and in perfect love. While on earth He was crucified in our place, taking the fullness of the punishment that we deserve. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead as a picture of what would take place for all who place their faith in him. Jesus then ascended to the right hand of the father where he intercedes on our behalf awaiting to return and put an end to all evil and establish his new perfect world. Jesus alone saves!

In the Holy Spirit (Salvation Applied)

The Holy Spirit draws us to the father. He is the power behind Jesus’ resurrection and He leads, comforts, and bestows spiritual gifts and fruit on the Christian. The Spirit's presence brings assurance to us of our current salvation and He seals us until our final day on earth. We believe the Spirit enlightens us as we read God’s Word and empowers us as we serve, witness, and worship God. 

In the Scriptures 

The Holy Bible in its original writing was pinned by man and inspired by God. The Old and New Testament were preserved and translated throughout time by God's providence and are the final authority for faith and life. The Spirit leads and convicts us to keep Scripture as the lens that we view all of life through. 

In the Church 

The Church is a spiritual group of people that is bigger than just one group of people meeting in one location. The Church universal, consists of people from every tribe, nation, and tongue and Christians from past, present, and future. The Church locally is a people who have been united by the blood of Jesus and are regularly gathering together to worship, sit under the Word of God, baptize new believers into the Church, and take communion together in remembrance of what Jesus has done. 

In the Mission

As the hands and feet of Jesus we live in obedience to what Jesus has called us to, not out of obligation, but out of desire and gratitude for all that He has done for us. When we are walking in obedience to what Jesus has called us to, we are established as a community present in the world that offers the light of Jesus in a dark and evil world. We are actively seeking to be a current manifestation of what is to come when Jesus establishes a new world where God’s glory fills every corner. 

In the Kingdom of God

God’s Kingdom is His rule and reign over all of the universe and it is particularly referred to when we speak of his ruling over those who see Him as their King. A person enters into the Kingdom of God when they place their faith and trust in Jesus. Although we desire to see glimpses of God’s coming Kingdom in the world around us, we know that God's Kingdom will fully come when  Jesus establishes it at the end of this temporary world.